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About Us

One of the most gratifying gestures in the world is to express love, appreciation and apology. Hence, irrespective of your reason(s) for giving a gift, you’ll want to ensure that your goodwill makes the best impact possible. This is where Treat Haven Store comes to your aid as we offer unique products that express your thoughtfulness, care, and concern in ways you never imagined.

Treat Haven is a friendly marketplace for anything and everything that’s as expressive as you are. We specialize in high-quality print products personalised gifts, products with engraved, printed and embroidered message or designs, Inspired by creativity and diversity. Most of our exclusive line of gifts stock is suitable for every season and occasion because we believe that there’s an ideal gift for everyone. Purchasing gifts from us make the recipients feel like the best version of themselves.

Our Mission

To provide quality, long lasting and affordable gift items that reflect your sincere wishes for the recipients and for the option of giving yourself a treat.

Our Vision

We’re committed to creating fond memories by providing you with unique items that are worthy of giving.


Our Products

You’ve got lots of gift options to choose from at Treat Haven Store. We listen actively to our community of clients and put them at the centre of all that we do. Giving you plenty of assorted varieties to portray your good feelings and intentions is what keeps our products relevant, and our store growing by leaps.

We have two main categories and the Treat Haven Varieties Catalogues for other types of products.

The first categories gives you the opportunity to customise products with live views, add photos and images. To see all the products available for this, just click on 'Customise Products'.

And the second option are products that are already designed, No images or photos are uploaded in this category.  To see more of this category, click on 'Uniquely Designed Products' 

Our prints are of high-quality and long-lasting.

We use Giclée printing for the products in our main store. This is the use of a sophisticated inkjet print making process that creates the highest quality fine art or photo reproductions.

This method of printing results in extra-fine image resolution, making the image or photo have a higher degree of detail when compared to the original image or photo. 

All our products are made using Giclée printing except our for stickers, We use eco-solvent inks to create our stickers. 

Based on scientific opinions, our papers and Giclée printing process will offer a long lasting result. It will produce prints that can last for up to 100 to 200 years if preserved very well and kept in good condition. 

Our Treat Haven Varieties Catalogue offers a variety of products, including personalised products. If you can find anything you want in our main store, you can browse through our Treat Haven Varieties Catalogue.

All our products are affordable and we've got something great in stock for you whether it's for your personal treat or to pamper your friends and family.

At Treat Haven, we make your gifts worth opening and remembering.